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Before going to primary school I already wanted my mother to sign me up for a drawing class and I’ve been drawing and painting ever since. It has never been much more than a hobby in school, and during Uni it turned into a stress relief mechanism after exams. That’s right, Uni (VU Amsterdam), not art school. Business Administration to be precise, all the way to masters in Strategy and Organization.


But then what? After an eventful year in hospitality I was having a coffee by myself and I got into talking with a Dutch painter, who invited me to visit his studio. And so I did. And I wrote down all the tips he gave me and went straight to buying everything he recommended me to buy. Incredibly inspired I started painting, cursing, painting and cursing some more.


My perfectionism and sudden deeply-rooted wish to pursue a career as a painter was and still is pushing me to become better with every brushstroke. I learn new things every day and hopefully I will be able to do so every day for the rest of my life. Making people happy with doing what I love.

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